Halloween 2003 Photo Gallery



Ayden as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Karlee holding Ayvarie the Black Cat

Riley, Ayden, Kyle & Trace

The Preschool boys again

Karlee and Ayvarie

Ayden at G'ma & G'pa's before Austin's Halloween Party

Ayden again - showing off his shell

Freya, the gorilla in a tutu

Ayvarie playing before the costume contest

Ayden hugging Ayvarie

Christina, Freya, Ayden, Rox, & Ayvarie

Ayvarie with a yummy sucker

Levi, Ayvarie & Ayden

Freya again...sans costume

Levi prepping Ayden for the contest

Rox & Ayvarie - two cute black cats!

Touching noses

Cuddling a bit

Sweet cat, not spooky cat!

Oakley wondering what kind of cat she is???

Cute as a can be!

Carter, Ayden & the Hulk (Trace) before Trick or Treating!

The gang again

One of our visitors! NO LIE!

Ayvarie with Daddy (crazy as he is).